Small and medium-sized enterprises are an important element in the development of many economies. There are also a major source of employment, investment, innovation and growth.

The main barriers to development can include:

  • Market and the environment barriers, binds with problems resulting from the general economic situation (fluctuations) and changes in the level of competition;
  • Management problems arising from inadequate knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs and managers. In most cases, these problems are belittling the entrepreneurs, but actually there and constitute a major obstacle to the development;
  • Financial barriers;

With a view to the welfare of how important units Incubator offers:

  • Consulting services;
  • Relief of rent for the first 3 years;
  • Aid to investors from RARR;
  • Thanks to the location in the Park the opportunity to obtain additional preferences when applying for EU funds;
  • This and many other benefits that are waiting for a small but very important management unit;

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