The optical 3D scanner is a coordinate measurement system equipped with innovative blue light technology ( which enables precise measurements regardless of lighting).

The scanner enables measurement and analysis of dimension and shape accuracy of technical objects and may be used for 3D digitalization ( turning an actual object into a virtual form) in the process of reverse engineering.

Rapid Inspection optical measurement systems suport and accelerate geometry analysis of new products in addition to being an effecient quality control tool.

3D scanning technology is commonly used by the manufacturers of aerospace, automotive and consumer goods as well as their suppliers.

The scanner features three measurement areas: 700×530 mm2,, 320×240 mm2 and 100×80 mm2,

with dedicated calibration standards certified by an accredited laboratory, allowing to calibrate the measuring head at a minimum temperature range of 10oC-40oC, verfication of accuracy according to the VDI2634 standard, Part 3. Moreover: touch sensor dedicated to the 700×530 mm2 measurement area intended for measurement of geometric elements based on optical tracking of a ball’s relative position using cameras, dedicated tripod for easy positioning of the measuring head relative to the scanned object with a minimum height of 2 m and at least 1 m boom, automatic turntable with a controller, minimum capacity of 100kg and minimum diameter of 620 mm.