Metallographic microscope allows to perfom observations on non-digested and digested samples, with the aim of determining purity, homogeneity and grain size, as well as defects in the microstructures. Microscopic examination of non-digested samples allows to determine the amount and distribution of all kinds of non-metallic inclusions as well as detect microfractures, small gas bublle, etc. Observations of digested samples are carried out in order to identify metal structure ( type and quantity of each phase), shape and grain size, thickness and quality of metallic coatings, etc.

The microscope is equipped with Epi class Plan Flour lenses ( made of glass fluorite) designed to work in reflected light using techniques of Light/Dark Field and DIC. It is also fitted with a stable tripod, mechanical stage, lighting system, digital camera, image analysis software , as well as a separate workstation with a deskop computer, laser printer and an anti-vibration table.

The metallographic microscope workstation also includes accessories for preparation of specimen:

  • manual metallographic cutter;
  • two-disk metallographic polisher with automatic head applying both individual and central forces;
  • automatic pneumatic mounting press.