The aim of establishing Technological Incubator and Service Center of PPNT was to create a place to do business for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

The most important will be the use of high technology from industries such as aerospace, information technology, electrical engineering, biotechnology and chemistry.

Entrepreneurs will be able to rent on favorable terms, offices and production – service premises located in the Incubator, like also use available infrastructural, technical and conference facilities.

The facility of Incubator (5300 m2) consists of:

  • Office – Conference space – consists of 39 offices with an average area ​​approx. 30 m2, intended to rent entrepreneurs. In this part of Inkubator is also located a conference room for 200 people and two meeting rooms for 16 – 20 people. In the vicinity of the conference hall, an area for catering is also provided;
  • Production – service space – consists of 12 units with an area of 100, 200 and 300 m2 to rent. Tenants have an opportunity to use also social and sanitary facilities such as changing rooms and bathrooms.

In the Technological Incubator can accommodate start-ups business as well as more experienced companies. It’s also a chance for companies leaving the Academic Pre-incubator PPNT to continue their businesses.  

In the Technological Incubator of the total area of 5 300 m2 facilities can be rented on preferential terms:

  • office space (39 rooms with an average area of ​​approx. 30 m2 ) – price 40,00 PLN/m2;

  • production- service space (12 rooms with an area of 100 m2, 200 m2 and 300 m2 ) – price 28,00 PLN/m2.

From the above prices are entitled rental discounts:

  • 50% discount in 1nd year of operation ;
  • 45% discount in 2rd year of operation;
  • 40% discount in 3rd year of operation;
  • 35% discount in 4rd year of operation.

      In addition, social, technical and conference facilities (conference room for approx. 200 people and 2 meeting rooms for approx. 16 and 20 people) are available for entrepreneurs.

      The residence of entrepreneurs in the Technological Incubator is a maximum 8 years.

      Mission of Technological Incubator is:

      • Support a development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises;

      • Enable the further development of enterprises drawn from the Academic Pre-incubator PPNT ;
      • Support an establishment and development of companies created by students, graduates, postgraduates and academic staff of Carpathian universities;

      • Enable a use of scientific achievements as well as research and development activities of Carpathian universities;

      • Support large companies operating in PPNT or planning such activities.