“Expansion of Technological Incubator and Management Center of Podkarpackie Science – Technology Park Aeropolis – Phase III “ has been implemented as yet another project to create Carpathian Park of Science – Technology and is a continuation of previously implemented projects:

  • “Creation of Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park Aeropolis – Phase I”
  • “Expansion of Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park Aeropolis – Phase II “

The project “Expansion of Technological Incubator and Managment Center of Podkarpackie Science – Technology Park Aeropolis – Phase III “ was implemented under the Operational Programme Development of Polish Eastern Europe 2007-2013, Priority Axis I Modern Economy Measure 1.3 Support for Innovation funding from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget.

Project duration: from 01.01.2014 to 31.12.2015.
The budget of the project (according to Annex 2):
  • the total estimated value of the Project: 27 842 881,79 PLN;
  • the total estimated value of eligible expenses:  22 813 532,93 PLN;
  • funding: 19 275 610,24 PLN.

At the end of the project the total estimated value of eligible expenditure was 22 787 471.21 PLN.

Project budget: 27 842 881 (total value of the project):

  • Eligible expenses: 22 PLN 813,532.93, including own contribution: 3 559 159.03 PLN,
  • Funding: 19 275 610 PLN.

Project financing agreement with Polish Agency for Enterprise Development was signed on 29.01.2015., The contract contains two annexes.

Aim of the project:

The main objective of the project is the development of a competitive knowledge-based economy and improving the economic attractiveness of the region Podkarpackie based on the ideas of innovation, by strengthening, development and complement regional research capacity and infrastructure.

This aim is achieved by:

  • preparing material and organizational base – construction of a Hall IV (IT 4) necessary for providing ancillary services enabling the creation of new businesses with high development potential in specific and competitive environment, and the development of existing companies;

  • strengthening and supplement research facilities necessary for the development and competitiveness of enterprises based on the ideas of innovation – through the creation of laboratories for Aeropolis (Laboratory of Materials and Prototyping Aeropolis), equipped with high-quality equipment that allows to perform specialized services for industrial research.

The project is directed primarily to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises Podkarpacki Park of Science Technology Aeropolis
and to the undertakings Podkarpacie region and the entire Polish and foreign investors. These entrepreneurs will be able to rent space on favorable terms in Hall IV, as well as enjoy the services provided by created.

Scope of project:

Scope of project “Expansion of Technological Incubator and Service Center of Podkarpackie Science – Technology Park Aeropolis – Phase III “ include:

  • The construction of the hall No. IV with squares, sidewalks, parking with a total usable area of 3 910.30 meters;
  • Equipment laboratory for Aeropolis (in specialized equipment and laboratory furniture);
  •  The purchase of furniture equipment, computer hardware and multimedia to social-office part.


Trzebownisko community, Rzeszów County, located in the complex Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park, S1 zone,

address Jasionka 954 E,
36-002 Jasionka.

Designed object “Hall IV” (Technology Incubator – IT 4) consists of two parts, connected functionally:

  • a single-storey part of the production and research;
  • three-storey social-office part of the two-storey connector.

The production and research part contains 13 independent units of which 10 are destined for rent by start-up companies, and in the three belonging Laboratory of Materials and Prototyping Aeropolis installed laboratory equipment.

Production – research part contains:

  • 1 unit in such prototyping and  research – service laboratory with a total area of 187,85m2 and 2 units of production and research, with an area of 155.20 and 161.15 m2 equipped with laboratory equipment managed by the Service Center PPN-T;
  • 1  production and research unit, an area of 197,65m2 – intended for rent;
  • 4  production units, an area approx. 200 m2 – intended for rent;
  • 5  production units, an area approx. 155 m2 – intended for rent;

Social-office part includes:

  • property management office (3 office rooms with a total area of approx. 90m2);
  • 20 office rooms (with an area of ok.26 m2);
  • New – OPEN OFFICE SPACE (5 posts for 1 person / 4 double position   / meeting hall for 10 people);
  • 2 training rooms (for 25 and 48 people);
  • meeting hall – (approx. 20 persons);
  • mini buffet;
  • changing rooms for employees;
  • dining room;

Equipment parts social – office building IT4 (Hall IV) and “open space offices”:

  • Fittings m.in .: cabinets, bookcases, tables, chairs, desks, containers for documents;
  • Computer and multimedia equipment: m.in .: sets of computer software, laptops, photocopiers – multifunction kits – multimedia projectors.

Equipment of  Materials and Prototyping Laboratory Aeropolis:

  • The printer to print 3D (spatial) device which is in the area of technology, rapid prototyping (rapid prototyping), consisting of laser sintered polyamide powders with specialized software and equipment environment of its work;
  • Printer for 3D printing technology 3 SP. Advantages of 3SP:the ability to perform models directly to specialized activities where it counts the accuracy, ability to perform models directly for vacuum casting (Vacuum Casting), possibility to use materials thermo-resistant, niedewaluująca to technology (patent of 2013), the ability to perform fully transparent imitating materials such as wax ABS and ABS / PC, PP and PC (electrical engineering sector);
  • The climate chamber with light testing according to the tests according to IEC 61215 (point. 10.11 + 10 12 + 10.13) and IEC 61646 (point. 10.11 + 10 12 + 10.13), the chamber gives the possibility of exposure of samples in the field of light visible and UVA and UVB, which is consistent with the requirements of European standards for photovoltaics and building materials;
  • The optical measurement system, which is used wherever you need high-quality measurements or in situations where extremely difficult measuring conditions make it impossible to sufficiently fast and accurate digitization; the system includes: the measuring head, software, stationary control unit, a mobile workstation, accessories, equipment jobs;
  • The spectrometer X-ray fluorescence spectrometry energy dispersive designed to provide fast, non-destructive analyzes in the field, used can be as analyzer hazardous substances according to RoHS / WEEE to the determination of alloy composition, content of heavy metals in the soil, analysis of precious metals and minerals;
  • The thermal imaging measurement system (2 thermal imagers) – thermal imaging cameras – have the potential non-contact temperature measurement at different points of the object. Temperature is a parameter that often changes long before the failure. The ability to study objects from a distance, without good lighting and visibility (smoke, fog) makes thermal imaging cameras are widely used in various fields of industry and science;
  • Metallographic microscope / material with microscopic camera, software, and printer and accessories for sample preparation;
  • CO2 laser plotter – the machine / device for very precise and high-speed engraving or cutting materials (metacrylate, wood, laminates, various kinds of textiles, plastics, leather, rubber);
  • Laboratory furniture and minor equipment (fume hoods, laboratory tables and weight, the position for washing, cabinets, laboratory, laboratory balances oczomyjka, ultrasonic washer).

Laboratory equipment (equipment) purchased under the project “Expansion of the Technological Incubator and Management Center Podkarpackie Park of Science – Technology Aeropolis – Phase III” contains calibration and recalibrate, guarantee and warranty and technical support during the period of project sustainability sustainability of the project,        i.e. 5 years – until 2020, the right equipment workstation.

Services that may be performed by the Materials and Prototyping Laboratory of Aeropolis :

  • Non-contact coordinate measurement;
  • 3D digitization in the process of reverse engineering ;
  • Aging tests ;
  • metallographic research;
  • the execution of non-destructive elemental analysis by XRF in checking the conformity of products with the directive RO Hs ;
  • rapid prototyping services – made ​​prototypes of the SLS and 3SP technology;
  • Preparation of samples for testing by means of chemical reagents ;
  • survey technological process , tests using thermal imaging .

16 December 16 2015 in the Technological Incubator Aeropolis conference was held at the end of the project. The conference was graced with awards winners of the sixteenth edition of the Innovator of Podkarpacie 2015 in three categories: micro, small, medium-sized enterprise. Services Laboratory Materials and Prototyping AEROPOLIS Delegates included experts associated with the learning environment and business. The lecture also gave Vice President of Polish Agency for Enterprise Development – Ms. Teresa Kubas- Hul. The conference summarizing the project “Development of the Technology Incubator and Managment Center Podkarpackie Park of Science – Technology Aeropolis – Phase III” were invited, among others, Authorities Sub-Carpathian Region, members of the Podkarpackie Provincial Parliament, Mayor of the City of Rzeszow and Przedświcie of the City of Rzeszow, representatives of the Regional Office, County Office of Rzeszow, Podkarpackie representatives of Universities: University of Rzeszow
and the University of Rzeszow, experts associated with the environment science and business, entrepreneurs, representatives of academia pursuing cooperation
the science and business of Science and Technology Parks and Incubators of Polish Eastern Participants and winners of the XVI edition of the Innovator of Podkarpacie 2015, as well as many other famous people – interested in cooperation with the Laboratory of Materials and Prototyping Aeropolis.