Hand – held X-ray fluorescence spectrometer intended for elemental composition analysis inside the laboratory and in the field, with an analysis module dedicated to sacnning for heavy metal content in plastics, alloys, electronic components, etc. in connection with verifying their compliance with the RoHS/WEEE directives ( regulations concerning environmental protection and reducing the consumption of hazardous substance in products). The divice is small in size and weight, while maintaining measurement accuracy comparable to a fixed laboratory analyser. It may be used for testing samples in any form. Analyses are non-destructive. The spectrometer requires no special preparation of the material for analysis. It is fitted with an SDD detector with a spectral resolution of 139 eV as well as an HD CMOS camera for measuring point location and documentation

of samples. The range of the analysed elements: Mg-U ( Mg-Cl with helium scrubber), duration of analysis : 3-100s, scope of analysis: ppm – 99.99 %, calibration curves for the analysis of contet of heavy metals listed in the RoHS Directive.

The TFT LCD touch screen enables presentation and processing of data. The spectrometer is equipped with analytical software featuring statistical functions, reporting and editing of calibration curves and the option of entering custom formulas. The device also features two replaceable batteries quaranteeing up to 8 hours of continuous work, AC adapter and car adapter, stand for performing analyses in laboratory conditions, anti-radiation cover and a frontal rubber cover protecting the device from demage during analysis of sharp objects, as well as twelve diffrent filters ad collimators configuration, allowing to optimize measurement conditions depending on the application.