Climatic chamber is designed for testing resistance of objects and devices subjected to accelerated

processes of aging as well as studying the impact of weather conditions on device operation.

The chamber can be used to study the influence of sunlight, temperature, rain and humidity.

Each of these elements is regulated by a separate test chamber controller. The accelerated process of aging is a useful tool for detection of product design flaws in the early stages of implementation.

Basic parameters of the climatic chamber: Operating capacity: ca. 10m3 operating chamber dimensions: ca. 2000 x 2000 x 2500 mm ( W x D x H); temperature range: -60oC to +110oC [oC];

relative humidity: 10 to 95 [% RH]; UV ray exposure; test object; weight up to 300kg,

100% in accordance with the rate of change in air temperature; control panel in Polish and English;

LABView plug-in; additional forklift (up to 1000 kg) fpr loading the test object into the chamber.


  • Plastics industry: ageing testing of cable insulation coatings, biodegradation testing of platic components ( plastic bags, etc.), testing of moisture penetration into cable interior;

  • Photovoltaic industry: moisture and frost testing; thermal cycle testing of silicon and thin-film modules; “dump-heat” testing;

  • Automotive industry: ageig testing of airbags; ageing testing of coatings using rain simulation system; testing of upholstery strenght during exposure to solar radiation.