Laboratory Materials and Prototyping Aeropolis was created within the project “Expansion of the Technology Incubator and Service Center Podkarpacki Park of Science – Technology (PPNT) – Phase III “.

The Laboratory of Materials and Prototyping Aeropolis includes:

  • Laboratory of Aging Reserch;

  • Rapid Prototyping Laboratory;

  • Metallurgical Laboratory;

  • Laboratory Characteristics of Materials.


  •  Climatic chamber;

  • Optical measuring system;

  • 3D printer in SLS print technology;

  • 3D printer in 3 SP technology;

  • Metallographic / material microscope;

  • Spectrometer;

  • Thermal imaging measurement system (2 thermal imaging cameras); CO2 laser plotter;

  • Laboratory furniture and fine furnishings.

The Laboratory performs paid services that can be covered by the de minimis aid.

Services that may be performed by the Laboratory of Materials and Prototyping Aeropolis :

  • Non-contact coordinate measurement;
  • 3D digitization in the process of reverse engineering ;
  • Aging tests ;
  • metallographic research;
  • the execution of non-destructive elemental analysis by XRF in checking the conformity of products with the directive RO Hs ;
  • rapid prototyping services – made ​​prototypes of the SLS and 3SP technology;
  • Preparation of samples for testing by means of chemical reagents ;
  • survey technological process , tests using thermal imaging .

Anna Strusińska

Phone: 177736847

ical Incubator4 (IT 4)
Jasionka 954 E (building complexes Podkarpackie Science – Technology Aeropolis Zone S1)
36-002 Jasionka

Comunne Trzebownisko, district Rzeszów, province. Subcarpathian.