The idea of ​​creating Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park Aeropolis is one of the instruments for raising the competitiveness of the economy, implementation of modern technologies and management expertise and capital. It is a link between innovative ideas and processing scientific technological solutions implemented by economic entities . Thanks were created attractive operating conditions , encouraging entrepreneurs to do business , which in turn contributes to the creation of new jobs.

Priority 1: The development of entrepreneurship and innovation by strengthening business environment institutions.

Measure 1.3 : Creation of favorable conditions for enterprises .

Project commencement date 04 January 2005 .

Date of completion of project: November 30, 2008 .

The name of the final consignee (the beneficiary ) : Rzeszow Regional Development Agency

The total cost of the project amounted to 47 552,004.00 PLN .

Eligible expenditure 39 349 469.24 PLN .

The amount of support 34 430 785.58 PLN .

Duration of the project : January 2005 . November 2008 .

The investment project consisted of the construction of new infrastructure on the undeveloped and undeveloped areas . The project was the preparation and provision of basic infrastructure necessary for the potential companies to high-tech environment for doing business.

The project was implemented in three areas :

S1 Jasionka – Jasionka located in towns and Tajecina , community: Trzebownisko

S2 Rogoznica- situated in the town Rogoźnica , community: Glogow Malopolska

S3 University – located in areas Rzeszow University of Technology , community :Rzeszow