Hand- held energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer ( EDXRF) intendedfor fast, non-destructive analysis.

Hand – held X-ray fluorescence spectrometer intended for elemental composition analysis inside the laboratory and in the field, with an analysis module dedicated to sacnning for heavy metal content in plastics, alloys, electronic components, etc. in connection with verifying their compliance with the RoHS/WEEE directives ( regulations concerning environmental protection and reducing the consumption of […]

Climatic chamber for testing compliance with IEC 61215 ( item 10.11 + 10.12 + 10.13) and IEC 61646 (item 10.11 + 10.12 + 10.13) with additional workstation equipment.

Climatic chamber is designed for testing resistance of objects and devices subjected to accelerated processes of aging as well as studying the impact of weather conditions on device operation. The chamber can be used to study the influence of sunlight, temperature, rain and humidity. Each of these elements is regulated by a separate test chamber […]

Metallographic/material microscope with microscopic camera, software and accessories

Metallographic microscope allows to perfom observations on non-digested and digested samples, with the aim of determining purity, homogeneity and grain size, as well as defects in the microstructures. Microscopic examination of non-digested samples allows to determine the amount and distribution of all kinds of non-metallic inclusions as well as detect microfractures, small gas bublle, etc. […]

Optical 3D scanner

The optical 3D scanner is a coordinate measurement system equipped with innovative blue light technology ( which enables precise measurements regardless of lighting). The scanner enables measurement and analysis of dimension and shape accuracy of technical objects and may be used for 3D digitalization ( turning an actual object into a virtual form) in the […]

3D printers with software and workstation equipment

SLS 3D printer The printer performs models with the use of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology. This printing method is based on sintering the powder using a laser beam, turning it from solid into liquid, then back to solid, thus obtaining a sinter. Printing of a model does not require any supporting elements, other than […]

Thermographic measurement system

Thermography is applied in many diffrent types of research, testes and technological processes. A growing numer of electrical components and circuitry manufacturers is looking into possibility of using non- contact temperature measurement in testing their parts. The main advantages of using thermographic cameras in the electronics industry include the ability to perform measurements without exerting […]

Additional laboratory equipment

Additional laboratory equipment includes: fume hood, reinforced ( ceramic); laboratory table ( table top with cast ceramics); laboratory cabinets; rack; washing station with a ceramic sink built into a table ( cast ceramic table top) and an eyebath in the table top holder; ultrasonic washer with a capacity of 6 litres ( with accessories); universal […]