Conference summarizing the project entitled . “Expansion Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park ( PSTP ) – Phase II “

It lasted 7 years and 5 months old, cost 96 million 475 thousand PLN, and its final effect equally pleasantly surprised founders , implementers and entrepreneurs who today use it. As for the project “Development Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park ( PSTP ) – Phase II “, which at Wednesday’s conference are summarized in the Technological Incubator in Jasionka .

Even Wladyslaw Ortyl , Marshal Podkarpackie Province , didn’t hide that he is emotionally attached to it . The project was financed from the Operational Programme Development of Eastern Polish 2007 – 2013 – said Ortyl . – And it’s nice to summarize , but we have run out in the future, because in front of us a new perspective 2014-2020. We want to pull into Podkarpacie big business , but also solutions from Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park in Jasionka used in other places of the region, for example Kolbuszowa .

Phase II expansion of the Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park – Technology lasted exactly from 1 July 2008 to 30 November 2015. At the time, spent nearly 100 million zl , but the money invested already turned several times. The project was founded Centre PPNT and complex Technological Incubator , which today consists of three buildings A, B and C , with offices and production halls , where it operates 28 businesses employing 294 people .

The Incubator – one’s activities may invest primarily new businesses and those that operate in AEROPOLIS , or such a plan . It’s also a chance to continue to operate for businesses emerging from the Academic Pre-incubator PPNT . Renting rooms in the building Incubator held on preferential terms.

As part of the development of PPNT comprehensive armed too attractive investment areas – 48 hectares in the immediate vicinity of the airport Jasionka including the A4 motorway . In the zone S1-3 created in this way 25 plots of 0.5 hectare to 2.7 hectare, where five companies have already invested , and one started production .


Also Laboratory of Biotechnology at the University of Rzeszow and Research Laboratory at Rzeszow University of Technology developed within the ” Development of the Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park ( PSTP ) – Phase II “ . In the first lab said there are four laboratories: Laboratory of Plant Cultures In Vitro , Laboratory of Microbiology and Biotyzacji Plant , Laboratory of Molecular Markers and Laboratory Chromatography . Whole cost of more than 8 million PLN and the laboratory was opened in October this year . As part of the Research Laboratory for Rzeszow University of Technology was established three laboratories : the Laboratory of Composite and Polymer Materials for the Needs of Aviation ; Applications Laboratory Information Systems in Diagnostics and Research Laboratory of Computer Aided Design and Construction Aviation and Alternative Renewable Energy Sources . The Laboratory has been working for a year.

– When in 2008 the then board of RARR put me on the ahead of this project as coordinator , even I didn’t think that it will last for over 7 years and will be executed with such impetus . It should also be noted that this project is not only investments , but also people – summed up Barbara Kostyra , senior vice president Rzeszow Regional Development Agency.

At occasion of the conference debate was also held , which was attended by entrepreneurs operating in PPNT and representatives of Rzeszow University of Technology and the University of Rzeszow . Marzena Marzewska, president of the Association of Organizers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Poland also came to Jasionka. The discussion centered on cooperation between science and business . About his experience said, among others: David Cycon , president of the ML system , companies implementing systems based on photovoltaic technology , investing a lot of money in their own laboratory experiments . Also Rafal Kalisz , vice president of the company Elmat , producer of fiber optic cables and a young entrepreneur , still a student , Vadym Melnyk , who , acting in the IT industry is already working with US companies. Vladym , a native of Ukraine , 3 years studying in Rzeszow and here wants to develop in the future his company.