The Laboratory is a specialized research center for the wider aviation technology and alternative renewable energy sources. The offer is addressed for business entity engaged in designing and manufacturing innovative aircraft structures that do not maintain their own specialized research centers.

In structure of laboratory are two workshops:

  • Research and Design Aircraft Structures Workplace
  • Alternative Design – Renewable Energy Sources Studio

The laboratory has among others:

  •  The place for simulation tests of turbine engine – to allow conducting simulation tests on a real object with a maximum static over 250 Newtons;
  •  The place for the simulation tests of engine – a system of Wankel rotary piston type with a capacity of 27 kW and a torque of 42 Nm;
  • The place for simulation work and problems in the fuel system of an aircraft turbine engine;
  • A set of devices for wireless data transmission, which enables wireless networking modules collect data with strain gauge , a range of up to 40m in buildings and up to 1500m in the open space;
  • The thermographic system for measuring temperature distribution on components of engines and the distribution of exhaust gas temperature;
  • An exhaust gas analyzer designed for long-term measurements;
  • The system for measuring the vibration which can support up to 16 sensors at the same time.

Laboratory of Computer Aided Research and Design of aircraft structures and Alternative – Renewable Energy Sources is fundamentally focused on system design work both in design and interdisciplinary studies of the phenomena, these include:

  • Performed at the Laboratory of Research and Design for Aircraft Structures:
    • structural research;
    • strength tests;
    • vibration;
    • aircraft noise and aircraft engine as well as test of control systems and avions.
  • Performed in Design Studio Alternative – Renewable Energy :

    • research related to the optimization of energy systems containing alternative energy sources: wind turbines , solar panels;

    • systems with heat recovery for increase efficiency in the processing and use of primary energy sources.

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