The laboratory conducts research for, among others: companies in the aviation, automotive, construction industry, environmental protection and medical facilities.

In this structure there are two workshops:

  • Laboratory of Diagnostics of Construction and Equipment
  • Laboratory of Medical Informatics

 Laboratory has among others:

  • The system to measure human body movement in 3D space – two speed cameras on the depth of 12 bits , the maximum speed at reduced resolution of up to 130 000 images per second;
  • Advanced software includes a series of algorithms that allow to analyze traffic in the recorded image, providing the possibility of measuring acceleration, velocity and displacement to a predetermined coordinate system;

 Laboratory has also:

  • multi-channel oscilloscope with software;
  • thermography systems for testing composite materials containing among others:
    • analyzing images and recording thermal imaging sequences camera;
    • hardware module with synchronization and activation card;
    • halogen activate lamps set;
    • Flash generator with lamp of an energy of 3.0 kJ;
    • The system of ultrasonic excitation of the maximum output power of 2 kW.

3D laser scanner to scan a small or large objects, scanning speed regulated in the range of 216 000 to 1 200 000 points per second moving head providing rotation around own axis and vertical 270 degrees.

In the Laboratory of Diagnostics of Structures and Equipment will be carried out among others: 

  • measurements and computational analysis of composite of aircraft structures and components;

  • delaminacji  damage, delamination reserach;
  • delamination reserach of composite materials;
  •  non-invasive , non-contact measuring tests;
  • research of conditions and the quality of welds of metal structures;
  • quality control of solar cells;
  • recording of fast-changing phenomena and their analysis in slow motion :
    • badania eksplozji  explosion reserach;
    • badania zjawisk balistycznych  reserach of balistic phenomena;
    • wyładowania elektryczne  electrical discharges;
    • deformacje pouderzeniowe  deformations of the impacts.

The research, which results are interested in companies from the aerospace industry, the automotive industry ( crash tests , study the properties airbags) , construction, environmental protection and medical facilities .

In Medical Informatics workshop will be conducted:

work on the creation and testing of software in the field of medical and technology diagnostics with using wireless cameras and without the use of measuring human movement in 3D space and digital hardware design

Offered services relate to innovative and pre-competitive research, which IT companies or national hospitals do not lead.